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Which of these substances is a compound?
a) copper
b) water
c) oxygen
d) air

A scientist waters plants different amounts and measures their growth. The growth is the
a) dependent variable
b) independent variable
c) control
d) hypothesis

In a covalently bonded molecule, the electrons between elements are
a) transferred from one element to the other.
b) destroyed
c) shared between the atoms.
d) not involved with the bonding process.

Which of the following represents a chemical change?
a) wood splitting in two
b) nail rusting
c) salt being added to water
d) ice melting

All of the following are clues that a chemical change has occurred except for ________________
a) color changes
b) solid precipitate formed
c) new substances formed
d) mass changes

One of the most influential factors in determining an element's reactivity is _______________.
a) how much of it is present during a reaction.
b) whether or not it is flammable.
c) how many valence electrons it has.
d) the size of its nucleus.

Which of the following statements does not apply to a compound?
a) it is made of two or more elements
b) it has components that are joined in fixed proportions
c) it can be separated into components by physical methods
d) it can be chemically broken down into elements or compounds

A scientist manipulates the light 3 plants receive, and then measures their growth. Light is
a) dependent variable
b) independent variable
c) control
d) hypothesis

The two sides of a chemical equation are called
a) coefficients and subscripts
b) reactants and products
c) ingredients and outcomes
d) variables and controls

True or False: Phase Change is a CHEMICAL change.
a) True
b) False
c) N/A
d) N/A

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