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Which tools can be used to create fades and cross fades?
a) Pointer tool
b) Fade tool
c) Pointer tool and Fade tool
d) Fade tool and Marquee tool

Which type of editing actually modifies the data contained in the audio file?
a) destructive
b) nondestructive
c) taking
d) comping

What is the shortcut to change the left-click tool to a pointer?
a) T
b) Press T twice
c) Command-T
d) Shift-T

Two menus are available to assign tools. One is the left-click tool. What is the other?
a) Control-click tool
b) Command-click tool
c) Option-click tool
d) Shift-click tool

What is the shortcut to remove a fade?
a) Control-Shift-drag with the pointer tool
b) Option-click with the fade tool
c) Command-drag with the fade tool
d) Option-Shift-drag with the pointer tool

A technique that allows you to automatically detect individual notes in an audio region and precisely adjust each note’s pitch, position, and length.
a) Punching on the fly
b) Autopunching
c) Quick Swipe Comping
d) Flex Editing

Positions the region in the workspace.
a) Marquee Tool
b) Flex Editing
c) Anchor
d) Fade Tool

By default, where is the anchor located?
a) start of the region
b) end of the region
c) middle of the region
d) on top of the region

What is the shortcut to reverse an audio file?
a) R
b) Control-Shift-R
c) Option-R
d) Command-R

All edits performed in the Audio Track Editor are also reflected in the
a) Inspector
b) Mixer
c) Workspace
d) Browsers

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