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Which of the following is not a physical property?
a) density
b) boiling point
c) flammability
d) conductivity

Atoms of elements whose atomic mass is shown as a decimal in the periodic table
a) have different numbers of protons
b) have different numbers of electrons
c) are counting the mass of electrons
d) have different isotopes

Combining 2.5kg of A with 1.5kg of B creates new substances with different properties.
a) This will release heat when it occurs.
b) Mass of new substances equals mass of original materials.
c) The mass of material created depends on the compounds used.
d) Only new compounds will result, not single elements.

The distance between the Earth and the Sun is about 1.5 x 1011 m. In standard notation?
a) 150,000,000,000
b) 0.000000000150
c) 150,000,000
d) -150,000,000

If you measured 2,300 grams, how many kilograms did you measure?
a) 2.3 kg
b) 23 kg
c) .23 kg
d) 230 kg

What is the main purpose of the scientific method?
a) To solve a problem or better understand an observation
b) To make a scientific law
c) To follow a set of rules so scientists do the same thing
d) To prove that the scientist's ideas are right

How many centimeters are in a meter?
a) 10
b) 100
c) 1000
d) .01

Which of the following can be separated into its components with a filter?
a) compounds
b) elements
c) solutions
d) suspensions

Which of these groups of letters could be used as a symbol for a single element?
a) HF
b) Cm
c) Car
d) fe

Whole numbers that come before a substance in a chemical formula (such as 3CO or 4KCl) indicate
a) the number of atoms in the compound
b) the number of molecules of the compound
c) the mass number of the compound
d) the order of the compounds in the formula

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