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Which chemical reaction results in the same amount of matter on both sides of the equation?
a) Hydrogen + Oxygen --- Water
b) Sodium + Chlorine --- Salt
c) Carbon + Oxygen --- Carbon Dioxide
d) All the answers are correct.

A snail's pace is 0.00086 m/s. In scientific notation, what number is multiplied by 10^?
a) 86
b) 8.6
c) -8.6
d) -86

What process uses differences in boiling points of a substance to separate a mixture?
a) filtration
b) corrosion
c) evaporation
d) distillation

If a scientist's experiment proves her hypothesis false, what is her next step?
a) Repeat the experiment to confirm before revising hypothesis
b) Rewrite her hypothesis so that her data proves it true.
c) Change the analysis so that her hypothesis is proven true.
d) Revise her hypothesis, modify her experiment, and re-test

Light travels at 300,000,000 m/s. What exponent will the 10 have in scientific notation?
a) 8
b) -8
c) 9
d) -9

How many pascals are in a kilopascal?
a) 100
b) 10
c) 1000
d) .001

In choosing a material to carry electric current, which property would be most important?
a) conductivity
b) malleability
c) ductility
d) boiling point

If you recorded 0.75 seconds, how many milliseconds would that be?
a) 75
b) 750
c) 75,000
d) 750,000

Which of these series of steps is in a logical order?
a) Hypothesis, observations, data collection, conclusion
b) Experiment, observations, hypothesis, conclusion
c) Hypothesis, experiment, data collection, conclusion
d) Observation, experiment, analysis, hypothesis

Where on the periodic table would you find the largest atom?
a) the top row
b) towards the middle left side
c) towards the bottom right side
d) nowhere since it is impossible to tell

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