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Which of the following lead to WWII in Europe?
a) the rise of dictators
b) the bombing of Pearl Harbor
c) the sinking of US ships off the coast of GA
d) Japan's aggression

Which statement BEST describes GA's military importance during WWII?
a) Many factories built war technology such as ships and planes
b) it had several natural ports
c) it had a large Jewish population
d) it's economy was historically agricultural

Who is the US Senator who helped establish military installations in Ga and worldwide, increasing American military strength?
a) Richard Russell
b) Ellis Arnall
c) E. D. Rivers
d) Carl Vinson

Who was the US Representative who served more than 50 years and helped increase out military strength by sponsoring legislation creating the US Army Air Corps (Air Force) and the Pacific Naval Fleet?
a) Carl Vinson
b) Richard Russell
c) E. D. Rivers
d) Ellis Arnall

The US entered WWII when the Japanese attacked a naval base where?
a) Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
b) Anchorage, Alaska
c) San Fransisco, California
d) Pearl Harbor, California

The holocaust was the WWII policy of Hitler and Nazi Germany to do what?
a) kill millions of innocent Jews
b) take over all of eastern Europe
c) capture and rule Great Britain
d) conquor Russia

Before the US entered WWII, the Lend-Lease Act did what?
a) allowed convict labor to be leased to factory workers
b) gave the US government the authority to lend or lease supplies to any country not at war
c) allow Britain and other allies to borrow or lease supplies, equipment, and food
d) gave foreign countries an opportunity to lend supplies to the US

Liberty Ships were built where?
a) The Brunswick and Savannah shipyards
b) Bell aircraft
c) Pearl harbor
d) Atlanta Shipbuilders inc.

A naval officer commanding a ship at war with the Japanese during WWII would have been most indebted to whom?
a) Carl Vinson
b) Tom Watsom
c) Eugene Talmadge
d) William Hartsfield

Bell Aircraft built 600 of what during WWII?
a) B-29
b) B-17
c) Liberty Ships
d) Aircraft Carriers

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