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Which type of psychologists would be interested in primarily studying the different behaviors of people in a group and behaviors of people when alone?
a) Social
b) Experimental
c) Cognitive
d) Developmental

Which of the following approaches has the most optimistic view of human nature?
a) humanistic
b) psychodynamic
c) behaviorism
d) structuralism

A psychologist monitors a group of nursery school children, recording each instance of helping behavior. The psychologist is using
a) naturalistic observation
b) experimental method
c) case study
d) field study

A student hypothesized that high school students consuming a bitter or sweet drink before a spelling test will perform better. What is the independent variable?
a) flavored drink
b) test scores
c) time of consumption
d) high school students

What are the three goals of psychology?
a) predict, control, and explain
b) predict, control, and inform
c) control, explain and inform
d) predict, explain, and inform

__________ is known as the father of American psychology.
a) William James
b) Wilhelm Wundt
c) BF Skinner
d) John Watson

Socrates is credited with developing the concept of
a) free will
b) self awareness
c) laws of association
d) born an empty slate

Which psychologist brought psychology to America?
a) Edward Titchener
b) William James
c) BF Skinner
d) John B Watson

A disadvantage to using the interview method is
a) it is very time consuming
b) you can not be sure the participant understood
c) too simple
d) do not get very good results

A longitudinal study is
a) a long term study on same group of participants
b) one time, random selection experiment
c) detailed description of a person over a period of time
d) a study in which the participants do not know what is being tested

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