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What is the capital of Peru?
a) Lima
b) Mexico City
c) Istanbul
d) Washington DC

Which of these vegetables and/or fruits come originally from Peru?
a) The tomato and the potato.
b) The pineapple and the avocado.
c) The orange and the lettuce.
d) The banana and the date fruit.

Peru can be divided in three parts:
a) The sea-shore, the Andes mountains and the rain forest.
b) The desert, the riverside and the rain forest.
c) The sea-shore, the riverside and the desert.
d) The desert, the Andes mountains and the riverside.

What is a ´tacacho´?
a) A Peruvian dish made of fried banana cut in long pieces.
b) The way to say ´banana´in Spanish.
c) The peels of a banana in Spanish.
d) The edible part of a banana in Spanish.

What is another way to say ´banana´in Spanish?
a) Plátano
b) Aguacate
c) Naranja
d) Patata

Which two of these fruits can be found exclusively in the Andes mountains?
a) Tumbo and sanky
b) Peach and kiwi
c) Orange and lemon.
d) Grape and strawberry.

What is the ingredient of a typical beverage in Peru?
a) Corn
b) Grapes
c) Barley
d) Cactus

What is the name of a South American dish made from many ingredients, especially fish and seafood?
a) Ceviche
b) Burritos
c) Paella
d) Salad

What do they call a guinea pig in Peru?
a) Cui
b) Conejo
c) Cerdo de Guinea
d) Conejillo de Indias

What are the ´picarones´made of?
a) Pumpkin
b) Peach
c) Wood
d) Lemon

What do you call a Peruvian yellow sauce?
a) Ají
b) Ketchup
c) Mole
d) Mayonnaise

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