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In science class you need to ________ answers from the information given.
a) deduce
b) invincible
c) evince
d) retract

Except for kryptonite, Superman is ___________.
a) protracted
b) impetuous
c) invincible
d) provincial

Having more than one responsible adult can be _____________ to your learning.
a) provincial
b) protracted
c) petulant
d) conducive

Sometimes I get __________ with my brothers when they don't listen to me.
a) petulant
b) protracted
c) impetuous
d) impetus

The army will _______ if they cannot win the battle
a) induce
b) retract
c) conducive
d) evince

If you swallow poison, the Poison Control center may instruct you to ________ vomiting.
a) evince
b) retract
c) induce
d) deduce

If you continue to be a ___________ decision maker, you may be making a lot of mistakes in your life.
a) impetuous
b) deduce
c) invincible
d) intractable

Belle sang that she wanted to get away from her ______________ life.
a) invincible
b) intractable
c) provincial
d) condusive

Your high school career could be _____________ if you do not pass AIMS.
a) protracted
b) intractable
c) provincial
d) impetus

Seeing a really talented lawyer was my _____________ for going to law school.
a) petulant
b) impetus
c) retract
d) induce

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