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variable formatting that changes the formatting applied based on the contents of the cells in the formatting range.
a) conditional formatting
b) variations
c) sort and filter
d) format painter

to set a field so that it always remains on-screen, in the left-most position, as you scroll left to right
a) freeze
b) split
c) short
d) strike

if(sum b4:b8 is greater than 50) this is an example of
a) nesting
b) integrating
c) cohabiting
d) calling

a type of equation (such as B625) that returns a value, such as TRUE or FALSE. Excel uses expressions to identify cells to include in certain formulas as IF and SUMIF
a) expression
b) argument
c) formula
d) autosum

the name given to a set of adjacent cells. you might name a range in order to make it more convenient to reference that range in a formula or a function, such as VLOOKUP
a) range name
b) name box
c) fx button
d) name tag

a row you can display below a table to calculate data in the columns above using a function you choose
a) total row
b) sumcalc
c) filter arrows
d) formula bar

to display only certain records.
a) filter
b) filet
c) sort
d) range

a built-in formula for performing calculations, such as addition, in a table. examples include sum, min, and max
a) functions
b) name box
c) expression
d) calculator

a feature that speeds up the manual entry of functions. Be sure to double click instead of pressing enter!
a) formula autocomplete
b) insert function
c) fill handle
d) flash fill

Worksheet that are selected as a unit; any action performed on this unit will affect all the worksheets in the group.
a) grouping
b) arrangement
c) scaling
d) calling a range

The values and other inputs that a function uses to calculate the result. You specify the cell or range that holds the value(s) for each argument or input a particular value.
a) argument
b) expression
c) result
d) conclusion

a view that allows you to move and delete page breaks and redefine the print area.
a) page break preview
b) print layout
c) normal
d) custom

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