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a) be sick or make sick or in need if healing
b) to mail something
c) to hammer into
d) to carry water

a) to welcome into
b) a type of vegetable
c) to expel, to drive someone away
d) clothing

a) to ignore someone
b) to convey thoughts or information
c) to harasss, torture or bother excessively
d) a type of animal

a) a type of musical instrument
b) a person has sole
c) clever and smart
d) to soothe or comfort

a) to crouch or back away, often when scared
b) to be overly kind
c) a type of scarecrow
d) a very good candy

a) a very cold day
b) to be overly kind
c) intentional, on purpose, planned
d) a type of animal

a) to rain heavily
b) measure of distance or penetration below surface
c) into the distance
d) open up a piece of mail

a) more than enough
b) maybe
c) clever and smart
d) to want or wish for

a) more than enough
b) whatever time it takes to do something
c) means of subsistence or support
d) a special type of hat or hood

a) a fortune teller
b) to win a lot of money
c) to misplace your money
d) bad luck

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