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Sally wants to duplicate the first sentence in paragraph one and insert it as the first sentence in paragraph three. Instead of retyping the sentence, she would use which formatting features?
a) Copy and Paste
b) Cut and Paste
c) Delete
d) Backspace

What spacing should be used between the complimentary close and the keyed signature line?
a) Double
b) Quadspace
c) Triple Space
d) Single Space

Linda wants to left align her text at 3 inches on the horizontal ruler. What feature should she use?
a) Alignment
b) Boarders
c) Bullets
d) Tab

Which part of the table is centered, bold, and all caps?
a) Main Title
b) Secondary Title
c) Column Heading
d) Entry

Betty is keying a report. What is the appropriate alignment for the main title?
a) Left
b) Center
c) Right
d) Justified

Wendy decided that she wants the title to stand out with a darker font. What formatting option would she use?
a) Bold
b) Italics
c) Underline
d) Superscript

Chrissy left out the first word of the sentence. Which operational key on the keyboard will take her to the beginning of the line the fastest?
a) End
b) Home
c) Page Up
d) Page Down

What is the feature called when you are typing a paragraph and your words automatically continue to the next line without striking the enter/return key on the keyboard?
a) Word Wrap
b) Space Bar
c) Tab
d) Down Arrow

Peter reminded his assistant to quadruple space after the complimentary close. Why is this space needed?
a) Enclosure
b) Notes
c) Signature
d) Typist Initials

Why is the writer’s name of a letter keyed four lines below the complimentary close?
a) To leave space for the address
b) To leave space for the date
c) To leave space for the message
d) To leave space for the signature

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