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To configure the various panels and tools on-screen, Premiere Pro offers _____________ that are helpful in particular activities such as editing, audio mixing, or special effects.
a) workspaces
b) timelines
c) panels
d) monitors

Which menu item allows you to reset the workspace back to the Editing default?
a) Help
b) Window
c) File
d) Edit

Which panel allows you to search your hard drive to find footage to use in your project?
a) Monitor panel
b) Info panel
c) Media Browser
d) History panel

Which panel tracks the steps you’ve taken and allows you to back up and Undo?
a) Tools
b) Effects Control
c) History
d) Media Browser

Which panel contains all the filters and transitions you will be able to use in your sequences?
a) Effects Control
b) History
c) Monitor
d) Effects

How many video tracks can you include in a sequence?
a) 6
b) 24
c) Unlimited
d) 99

All Adobe Premiere Pro projects are saved with the _____________ extension.
a) .mov
b) .wmv
c) .prproj
d) .prpro

What type of video editor is Premiere Pro CS6?
a) Workflow
b) NonLinear
c) Linear
d) None of the aboe

Which button on your keyboard will maximize a panel?
a) grave key
b) k key
c) j key
d) l key

Which of the following ways can you import media into your project?
a) File, Import
b) Click in a blank space in your Project Panel
d) All of the above

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