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Selly ___________ proposes_____ stages of online acclimation
a) Smith, 8
b) Goldberger, 6
c) Gilman, 5
d) Furgeson, 3

Access and Motivation is
a) what gets you to the driving range
b) comes from Chocolate
c) can often by acheived over a glass of wine
d) the ability of participants to enter into networked learning

Online Socialization is
a) what happens when a spouse spends his or her free time at home playing online poker.
b) what happens around the net in basketball when there is a free throw
c) is to be avoided when trying to work online
d) when identities are establishes online and when a participants find others with whom to interact

Information Exchange
a) is when information is sold to the highest bidder online
b) occurs when information relevant to the course and to each other is shared
c) is the 2nd stage of GilmansВґ
d) is the 4th stage of GilmansВґ

Knowledge Construction is
a) listening to Rush Limbaugh make up facts as he goes along while talking on the radio
b) look for more benefits from the system to help time achieve personal goals
c) is not just fun its the first stage in GilmanВґs five
d) occurs when group reated discussions occur and the interactions become more collaborative

The acclimation stage of Development
a) occurs when group reated discussions occur and the interactions become more collaborative
b) is the first stage of participant online acclimation
c) Is the third stage of participant online accimation
d) look for more benefits from the system to help time achieve personal goals

An important element for you an online facilitator to foster during your students the first stage, that of Access and Motivation is
a) is creating time
b) being motivated to spend time and effort
c) isolating your students
d) the use of a clipboard

In the United States lower S.E.S. children have motivation to use the computer for educational uses but often timesl lack
a) physical assess to a computer
b) parent consent
c) extra paper and pencils
d) free time

In much of South America lower S.E.S. children have affordabe assess to computers but lack
a) motivation to use the computer for educationa purposes
b) a transportation system to get them to the remote internet cafes
c) free time
d) energy

Our teachers at LSE III are motivated by free computer skills, host community support, a desire to educate those less fortunate in the world and
a) free laundrey service from there predecesor during Units II -IV
b) free comic books every week for 3 months
c) free beer for 3 months
d) free housing for 3 months in the host community!

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