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The Mogols experienced their first defeat when this civilization was able to stop them
a) Persia
b) Egypt
c) Mughal
d) Russian

He was a European who served as an official for Kublai Khan
a) Leonardo DaVinci
b) Marco Polo
c) The Pope
d) King John

Which of the following would NOT be considered a legacy of Genghis Khan and the Mongols
a) Written Language
b) Religious TOlerance
c) Doubling the size of the Great Wall
d) Allowing non-Chinese to hold government jobs

He was Genghis Khan's son and successor
a) Ogodei
b) Kublai Khan
c) Batu
d) Kuyuk

The original capital of the Mongol Empire
a) Khanbaliq
b) Samarkand
c) Karakorum
d) Kashgar

The Dynasty started by the Mongol
a) Ming
b) Tandy
c) Song
d) Yuan

Which of the following do many historians believe is Genghis Khan's greatest achievement?
a) Unifying hte Mongol tribes
b) invading China
c) Invading Persia
d) Building the Great Wall

The Mongols created the largest land empire in the history of the world in less than
a) 25 years
b) 50 years
c) 75 years
d) 100 years

Evidence of the Mongols' nomadic way of life was their use of
a) Horses
b) Yurts
c) Weapons
d) Terror

Early in their history, Mongols were known for the ability to
a) navigate the seas by mapping the stars
b) grow wheat
c) make fine jewelry and crafts
d) use of horses for fighting

These were wide, grassy plains that the Mongol used for their animals to graze on
a) Steppes
b) Desert
c) plateau
d) mountains

The are to the North of China
a) India
b) Soviet Union
c) Mongolia
d) France

The Mongol conqueror's name means strong/great ruler
a) Marco Polo
b) Genghis Khan
c) Ogodei
d) Kublai Khan

One of the tactics used by the Mongols when conquering areas was
a) Horses
b) retreating and setting a trap
c) Terror
d) All of the above

Which of the following is a reason that trade increased under Mongol rule?
a) They improved the system of roads and made them easier to travel on
b) The did not improve trade because merchants were too afraid to come to China
c) They made the trade routes safer
d) None of the above

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