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What is the shortcut to convert the audio region to a new audio file?
a) J
b) Command-J
c) F
d) Command-Option-F

An editor that allows you to perform destructive audio editing. It actually modifies the data contained in the audio file.
a) Audio File Editor
b) Audio Track Editor
c) Mixer
d) Inspector

Used to focus on a particular track without changing the zoom levels of the Tracks area.
a) Audio File Editor
b) Audio Tracks Editor
c) Inspector
d) Mixer

What is the shortcut for the Editors button?
a) E
b) Control-E
c) Command-E
d) Shift-E

What is the shortcut to join the regions into a new audio file?
a) J
b) Command-J
c) Option-C
d) F

You can also change fade parameters using the
a) Inspector
b) Mixer
c) Loop Browser
d) Editor

You can adjust the fade’s ________ and ___________ to fine-tune the sound.
a) length and curve
b) start and end points
c) length and start point
d) start point and curve

To add fades using the Pointer tool, you can
a) Option-drag
b) Control-Shift-drag
c) Option-Control-drag
d) Command-drag

To apply a fade, always
a) drag over the region's boundary
b) drag from the start to the middle of the region
c) drag from the end to the middle of the region
d) drag from the start to the end of the region

To raise the volume of one audio file while simultaneously lowering the volume of another file in a smooth transition
a) Cross Dissolve
b) Crossfade
c) Fade-in
d) Fade-out

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