Obj. 1.02 Word 2013 Question Preview (ID: 23505)

Basic Editing.

Which tool on the Home Ribbon lets a user search for text in a document by keying the word into a search box?
a) locate
b) find
c) search
d) select

Mrs. Perry has assigned the class to type a report. To display the report as it would appear online, which view should she use?
a) web layout
b) print layout
c) read mode
d) outline

What is the process of creating a duplicate of an item while leaving the original item in place in the document called?
a) move
b) paste
c) copy
d) cut

To specify the size of the viewable area and allow users to reduce or enlarge the size of a document window, which command is used?
a) zoom
b) scale
c) scope
d) resize

Sally wants to select the entire document that she is currently editing. What is the quickest way to select the document?
a) double click
b) triple click
c) select all
d) single click

Which bar presents information about a document, the progress of current tasks, and the status of certain commands and keys, and also provides controls for viewing the document?
a) status
b) tool
c) scroll
d) task

What area in Microsoft Word enables users to view document properties and update the properties information at any time while creating a document?
a) word option dialog box
b) file save as options screen
c) document properties panel
d) advanced properties

Which Editing group tool is used to search for and replace specific text in a document?
a) find
b) locate
c) select
d) replace

What is the name of the view that provides data about documents and contains a set of commands to help a user manage documents?
a) backstage
b) documents
c) properties
d) normal

Mrs. Perry has assigned the class to type a report. To view the report as a hard copy, which view should she use?
a) web layout
b) print layout
c) read mode
d) outline

On the View Ribbon, which command allows the document to be viewed as it would appear in a multilevel outline?
a) draft
b) web layout
c) outline
d) print layout

What area is used to provide information about the author, title, subject, keywords, category, and comments that describe the document?
a) File Save as Options Screen
b) Word Options dialog box
c) Advanced Properties
d) Document Properties Panel

To increase or decrease the size of the content in a Microsoft Word window, which item on the status bar would you use?
a) view picker
b) zoom slider
c) Next page control
d) Previous page control

Mrs. Perry has assigned the class to type a report. To maximize space, which option would you choose to display the content?
a) print layout
b) read mode
c) web layout
d) oultine

Which action would Drake take to insert the contents from the Office Clipboard into a document?
a) keep text only
b) Keep Source Formatting
c) Merge Formatting
d) Paste

Sally wants to select an entire paragraph in her word processing document. What is the quickest way to select the paragraph?
a) select all
b) single click
c) double click
d) triple click

Jana wants to navigate page 35 of her report. What is the quickest way to navigate?
a) replace all
b) find
c) replace
d) go to

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