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a statement for or against something
a) argument
b) persuade
c) denotation
d) tone

the atmosphere of a story; the overall emotion created by the author
a) mood
b) genre
c) climax
d) point of view

the author’s feeling or perspective about a topic
a) point of view
b) author's purpose
c) cause and effect
d) connotation

the main reason why an author writes a text (to persuade, inform, or entertain)
a) author's purpose
b) text structure
c) compare and contrast
d) author's point of view

the way an author organizes ideas and information
a) text structure
b) description
c) table of contents
d) point of view

the feeling (positive or negative) associated with a word
a) connotation
b) denotation
c) theme
d) text structure

the reason for the character’s actions
a) motivation
b) conflict
c) conflict
d) just because

the order of steps in a procedure are explained; the event or topic is explained in order
a) sequence/chronological order
b) cause and effect
c) compare and contrast
d) author's purpose

a struggle the main character tries to overcome
a) conflict
b) climax
c) denotation
d) inference

the most important point a writer is trying to make
a) central idea
b) inference
c) motivation
d) memoir

a reasonable guess or conclusion based on evidence and prior knowledge of a topic
a) inference
b) main idea
c) summary
d) Hot Tamales

an account of one’s personal life, experiences, and reflections
a) memoir
b) biography
c) fable
d) tall tale

a history of a person’s life written by that person
a) autobiography
b) biography
c) anecdote
d) comparison

a true account of a person’s life
a) biography
b) autobiography
c) memoir
d) excerpt

a brief story about an interesting, funny or strange event told to entertain or make a point
a) anecdote
b) excerpt
c) climax
d) genre

a small part of a larger text
a) excerpt
b) anecdote
c) memoir
d) text structure

the dictionary definition of a word
a) denotation
b) connotation
c) tone
d) excerpt

to cause someone to believe something
a) persuade
b) connote
c) author's purpose
d) argue

the events in a story that build up to the climax
a) rising action
b) exposition
c) resolution
d) Population Police

to quote or refer to
a) cite
b) argue
c) persuade
d) tone

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