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A rectangular beam that represents a container for audio or MIDI and is found on tracks in the workspace.
a) track
b) region
c) loop
d) file

A measure of music, containing a specified number of beats, that establishes the rhythmic structure of the composition.
a) Beat
b) Bar
c) Tick
d) Tone

When an editor does not change the source audio files in the course of editing
a) nondestructive
b) destructive
c) comping
d) flex editing

The keyboard shortcut to open the Tool menu at the mouse pointer position is
a) T
b) Press T twice
c) S
d) F

Editing regions in the workspace is
a) destructive
b) nondestructive
c) comping
d) flex editing

When in Solo mode, the LCD display and the playhead turn
a) green
b) blue
c) yellow
d) red

Which tool do you use to rename regions?
a) Fade tool
b) Text tool
c) Marquee tool
d) Pointer tool

The mouse pointer has a little S next to it when which tool is active?
a) Fade tool
b) Pointer tool
c) Solo tool
d) Text tool

A tool that enables you to independently listen to selected regions
a) Fade tool
b) Solo tool
c) Text tool
d) Pointer tool

A way to temporarily allow you to play one or more tracks, events, or regions without playing others
a) Soloing
b) Snapping
c) Comping
d) Taking

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