USH Chapter 6 Test Question Preview (ID: 23500)

USH Chapter 6 Test.

Who suggested that the nation’s capital be moved from New York City to a new city in the South in order to help gain support for his national debt plan?
a) George Washington
b) Alexander Hamilton
c) John Jay
d) Thomas Jefferson

Which law created the Supreme Court with a Chief Justice and five associate justices?
a) the Alien Acts
b) the Sedition Acts
c) the Judiciary Act of 1789
d) the Judiciary Act of 1801

Which event was a response to an unpopular excise tax imposed by the federal government?
a) the Whiskey Rebellion
b) the XYZ Affair
c) Marbury v Madison
d) the British blockade of the eastern seacoast

Who secured a treaty with Spain giving the United States shipping rights on the Mississippi River?
a) Edmond Genet
b) Thomas Pickney
c) William Henry Harrison

During John Adams’s presidency, why were Democratic-Republicans outraged by the Alien and Sedition Acts?
a) They believed the laws would draw the United States into foreign wars.
b) They believed the laws violated freedom of speech
c) They believed the laws would open the gates to French immigrants.
d) They believed the laws would give too much power to the courts.

What principle was affirmed in the Supreme Court case of Marbury v. Madison?
a) the right of the citizens to criticize their government
b) the right of the Supreme Court to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional
c) the right of Congress to declare war
d) the right of states to nullify an act of Congress that they deem unconstitutio

Who was president when the United States acquired and began to explore the Louisiana Territory?
a) George Washington
b) John Adams
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) James Madison

Why did the United States go to war against Britain in 1812?
a) Britain was trying to buy the Louisiana Territory.
b) Britain was interfering with U.S. foreign trade.
c) Britain refused to give up its forts in the Northwest Territory.
d) Britain was becoming too friendly with France.

Who attempted to unite Native Americans into a confederacy to protect their homeland against white intruders?
a) Tecumseh
b) Little Turtle
c) Mad Anthony Wayne
d) the war hawks

Over which of the following issues did the nation become divided in the 1790s?
a) whether African Americans should be given full citizenship
b) whether the United States should ally itself with France or Britain
c) whether the central government or state governments should be stronge
d) whether the United States should expand west of the Mississippi

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