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What do social scientists study?
a) how animals hunt
b) how people live
c) how Earth was formed
d) how plants grow

What kinds of information do economists look for?
a) the way people use resources and meet their needs/wants.
b) how people solve problems in the community.
c) where things are located.
d) stories people tell about the past.

Which of these items is a need?
a) toys
b) clothes
c) movies
d) bikes

Which subject does a geographer study?
a) choices people make about what they purchase.
b) natural and human features.
c) governments.
d) written records from years ago.

Which is a human feature?
a) a house.
b) a forest.
c) a hill.
d) a river.

What is the main job of government?
a) to make and carry out rules and laws.
b) to produce things people need.
c) to build towns and cities.
d) to keep records of the past.

Which social scientist would be most interested in your great-aunt's diary?
a) historian
b) geographer
c) political scientist
d) economist

A political scientist is someone who asks:
a) Who's in charge?
b) How are needs met?
c) What happened here?
d) What is located where?

What do archaelogists study?
a) television shows about the past.
b) made-up stories about the past.
c) speeches give in the past.
d) objects used in the past.

Ms. T's favorite subject is...
a) Math
b) Writing
c) Reading
d) Social Studies

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