Chapter 3: Rocks And Minerals Question Preview (ID: 235)

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Which type of rock can be extremely light because it was formed by the cooling of lava and trapped gas bubbles?
a) Intrusive
b) Foliated
c) Chemical
d) Extrusive

Which type of rock is formed from the evaporation of mineral rich water such as the sea or the water from geysers?
a) Extrusive
b) Foliated
c) Chemical
d) Organic

Which type of rock is produced by weathering, erosion, and pressure?
a) Metamorphic
b) Mineral
c) Igneous
d) Sedimentary

Which of the following is what rocks are generally composed of?
a) pieces
b) mud
c) fossils
d) minerals

Which is NOT a type of sedimentary rock?
a) detrital
b) chemical
c) organic
d) none of the above

Which is NOT a property we can use to identify minerals?
a) shape
b) None of the above
c) luster
d) hardness

The two types of metamorphic rocks are...
a) Intrusive and Extrusive
b) Foliated and non-foliated
c) Sedimentary and Igneous
d) None of the above

Metamorphic rocks are formed by...
a) Weathering, Erosion, and Pressure
b) Heat and Pressure
c) Melting and Cooling
d) Heating, Melting, and Pressure

Which is true?
a) Minerals are made from plants.
b) None of the above
c) Ores are minerals that are rare.
d) Cleavage is when minerals break off along rough edges.

Which is NOT true of magma?
a) It is hot melted rock material on the surface of the earth
b) It can form igneous rock when it is cooled down.
c) It can cool down to become intrusive rock.
d) It is made of minerals and melted rock.

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