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What are the five duties required of followers of Islam called?
a) Pillars of Islam
b) Five Noble Truths
c) Praises to Allah
d) Rules of the Prophet

What human-made feature has contributed greatly to the Red Sea becoming one of the world’s busiest waterways?
a) Suez Canal
b) Strait of Hormuz
c) Kuwait Refinery Complex
d) Panama Canal

Which of the following statements about the effects of Islam on worldwide culture is accurate?
a) During the spread of Islam, many advances were made in math and science.
b) Islam had little impact on the regions in which it spread.
c) The Islamic culture waned within two centuries.
d) By A.D. 800, Islam had spread to the Americas.

Which of the following statements about the oil deposits in Southwest Asia is accurate?
a) The region has few or limited deposits of oil.
b) Oil production is not a leading economic activity of the region.
c) The money from the sale of oil have been shared equally among the region's people.
d) The region holds more than half of the oil that has been discovered in the world.

In which country did Mohandas Gandhi lead a series of nonviolent protests in support of independence?
a) South Africa
b) Japan
c) China
d) India

Which of the following situations is an example of outsourcing?
a) U.S. customer using the internet to compare the pricing of a product
b) U.S. auto service center hiring an immigrant from Poland as a full-time mechanic
c) U.S. firm hiring a temporary worker to fill in for an employee who is on leave for six weeks
d) U.S. manufacturer engaging a company in India to provide customer service

What is Karma?
a) the belief that life is full of suffering
b) the belief that a disciplined child makes a better adult
c) the belief that actions in life can affect one's next life
d) the belief that selfish desires will be punished

During the Korean War, which country sided with South Korea?
a) China
b) United States
c) United Kingdom
d) Japan

Which country was ruled by a series of imperial dynasties, including the Han and Ming dynasties, until the early 1900s?
a) Japan
b) China
c) Egypt
d) India

In which southeast Asian country did the U.S. fight a war with during the 1960s and 1970s?
a) Vietnam
b) Korea
c) Russia
d) China

What is the MAIN issue that keeps North and South Korea from combining into one country?
a) the role of women in public life
b) the importance of religion in holding public office
c) what kind of farming system would be followed
d) what kind of government the country would have

Which of the following events spurred the movement for a Jewish state?
a) Arab Spring
b) Holocaust
c) WW1
d) Persian Gulf War

What does Mesopotamia mean in Greek?
a) great beginning
b) alluvial plain
c) fertile land
d) land between the rivers

What person had the most power in feudal Japan?
a) samurai
b) president
c) noble
d) shogun

In which system does the government control all economic goods and services?
a) communist
b) socialism
c) capitalism
d) anarchism

From which country was Buddhism introduced into China?
a) Mongolia
b) Japan
c) India
d) Taiwan

What is a monsoon?
a) a destructive storm that forms over tropical waters
b) a landform created by the erosion of exposed rock
c) an ocean current that influences regional climates
d) a seasonal wind that brings moist or dry air to an area

Why was the early Silk Road so important?​
a) It made travel more comfortable in Europe
b) It encouraged trade between Europe and Asia
c) It increased the power of Kings and Queens
d) It increased contact between Asia and the Americas

What event triggered the invasion of Israel by Arab countries in 1948?
a) removal of British troops from Israel
b) an invasion of Syria by Israel
c) Israel's declaration of independence
d) the Holocaust

In what way are the religions of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity alike?
a) They are monotheistic.
b) They are polytheistic
c) They began in 2000 B.C.
d) They regard Job as the messenger of God.

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