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Which of the following was not an impact of the Civil War on African-Americans.
a) Many escaped to nearby Union lines for their freedom.
b) Many, both free and runaway slaves, volunteered to fight for the Union.
c) Many freely left the plantations following the Emancipation Proclamation.
d) Some slaves were pulled into the war when their masters took them to the battlefield with them.

Which of the following was not a component of the North's military strategy during the Civil War.
a) A blockade of southern ports to cut off supplies from Europe.
b) Attack the Confederate capital at Birmingham, Alabama.
c) Split the Confederacy in half at the Mississippi River.
d) Destroy the Confederacy's transportation and communication systems.

What is the youngest recorded age of a Civil War participant.
a) 15
b) 12
c) 10
d) 8

Which of the following was not an impact of the Civil War upon women.
a) Some were left widowed and had to act as sole provider for the family.
b) A number of women served as nurses.
c) Many were left behind to tend to the farms and run the plantations.
d) Women did not have to deal with supply shortages.

As a result of Sherman's March to the Sea, which South Carolina city suffered immense damage.
a) Columbia
b) Charleston
c) Aiken
d) Spartanburg

Which of the following best describes the goal of Sherman's March to Sea campaign that devastated parts of South Carolina.
a) He wantd to break the Confederacy's lines of communication.
b) He wanted to convince South Carolina to surrender since it was the first to secede from the Union.
c) He wanted to cut South Carolina's supply lines to the Confederacy.
d) He wanted to distract Robert E Lee from Grant's army as it moved into Virginia.

What was significant about the Union's attack on Fort Wagner in Charleston harbor.
a) It signaled the start of the war.
b) It led to the occupation of Charleston harbor by Union troops.
c) A unit (54th Massachusetts) of African-American soldiers led the charge.
d) It resulted in the sinking of the C.S.S. Hunley.

Which of the following was not something Southerners feared losing if slavery were abolished.
a) Access to Northern industries
b) Southern wealth
c) Political influence
d) Their way of life

What new technology was created and used during the Civil War to counteract the North's blockade strategy.
a) blockade running ships
b) Submarines, like the C.S.S. Hunley
c) Ships piloted by slaves, like Robert Smalls
d) ironclad ships

Why was SC's convention to discuss secession moved from the capital to Charleston?
a) It became apparent there was not enough support within the capital city.
b) There were rumors of a smallpox outbreak.
c) The church where they were set to meet was not large enough.
d) The delegates wanted to be closer to the port to make a quick getaway if there was a threat to their lives.

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