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Why is the Civil War often described as a 'rich man's war and a poor man's fight?'
a) Men from the lower classes served and died in greater numbers than their wealthier comrades.
b) Many of the wealthiest slave owners volunteered and served as officers in the Confederate army.
c) Many slave owners were excluded from the fighting under the '20 slave' law.
d) Men from the lower classes fought alongside the elite.

Why was it difficult to bring about change in the South after the Civil War?
a) The war resulted in the deaths of many who were willing to consider change.
b) Most of the post-war male population consisted of Confederate veterans.
c) There was a shortage of men to fill political jobs in the South.
d) The majority of African-Americans left the South, so there was little need for change.

Which of the following was not an accomplishment of Robert Smalls?
a) He piloted a Confederate ship and escaped with it to the Union blockade.
b) He provided the Union with valuable information regarding fortifications around Charleston.
c) He served in the South Carolina militia during the Civil War.
d) He helped draft South Carolina's first Constitution following the Civil War.

Which battle in South Carolina occurred first?
a) The capture of areas surrounding Port Royal Sound.
b) The siege of Charleston.
c) The battle at Fort Wagner in Charleston harbor.
d) The attempt to defend Fort Sumter.

Why did the South's strategy to buy supplies from Europe via the sale of cotton fail?
a) The Confederacy initially withheld the crop to increase demand and raise the price.
b) The northern blockade prevented them from selling it.
c) New international cotton markets were found.
d) The focus of the war changed with the Emancipation Proclamation.

What encouraged most South Carolinians to support the fire-eaters?
a) Lincoln's election as President.
b) John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry Arsenal.
c) The events of the 1850s and Lincoln's election as president.
d) Dred Scott Supreme Court decision.

What political idea was at the heart of the Ordinance of Secession?
a) Popular sovereignty
b) State's rights
c) Federalism
d) Republicanism

What argument did the fire-eaters, also known as radicals, make in regards to leaving the Union?
a) It was the only option for South Carolina.
b) It should be a last resort and based on the support of other states.
c) It was not an option as the Constitution protected South Carolina's way of life.
d) They should wait and see what other states were going to do.

Which political group favored remaining a part of the U.S. as sectionalism and thoughts of secession intensified?
a) Fire-eaters
b) Cooperationists
c) Unionists
d) Nullifiers

Which political group was in favor of seceding from the Union, but only with the support of other southern states?
a) Unionists
b) Fire-eaters
c) Federalists
d) Cooperationists

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