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What was the name of the empire that once covered the area that is now called the Middle East?
a) Roaman Empire
b) British Empire
c) Middle Eastern Empire
d) Ottoman Empire

What was it called when Europe divided up the land without taking ethnic groups in to consideration?
a) European Partitioning
b) European Dividing
c) Conquring
d) Nationalization

The group of Middle Eastern countries that control the price of oil is called _____.
a) OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries)
b) MEOC Middle Eastern Oil Companies)
c) OPIC (Organization of Petroleum Importing Countries)
d) OOEC (Organization of Oil Exporting Countries)

The refusal to buy a product from a company or country in order to protest is called a ______.
a) Boycott
b) Celebration
c) Meeting
d) Gathering

Man-made things that help us work, like factories and technology are called --------- ?
a) Investment
b) Capital Resources
c) Human Resources
d) Boycott

What has a country won when they get their freedom from outside control or other power?
a) Dependence
b) War
c) Independence
d) Conflict

What is loyalty and pride in one's country called?
a) Independence
b) Freedom
c) Nationalism
d) Conflict

When you take care of or protect something it is called _____ .
a) Neglect
b) Waste
c) Reservation
d) Conservation

What is it called when a company has investments in human skills and capabilities?
a) Human Capital
b) Human Resources
c) Capital Resources
d) Technology

What are materials that come directly from nature called?
a) Human resources
b) Natural Resources
c) Renewable Resources
d) Consumable Resources

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