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a tree that sheds its leaves at the end of the growing season
a) coniferous
b) terrestrial
c) deciduous
d) evergreen

to move from one region, climate, or environment to another
a) hibernate
b) migrate
c) taiga
d) litigate

a forest in northern latitudes dominated by conifers
a) tropical rain forest
b) taiga
c) temperate deciduous forest
d) temperate rain forest

a tree that grows taller than the canopy trees around it
a) migrate
b) emergent
c) understory
d) conifer

a cone bearing tree that has needles instead of leaves and stays green all year
a) deciduous
b) conifer
c) biome
d) oak

an animal that spends part of it's life in water and part on land
a) acidic
b) all predators
c) reptile
d) amphibian

native to a place
a) canopy
b) understory
c) emergent
d) indigenous

a forest found in a temperate zone that receives large amounts of rain
a) temperate rain forest
b) temperate deciduous forest
c) coniferous forest
d) taiga

a tree that keeps its leaves or needles all year long
a) emergent
b) evergreen
c) vegetation
d) hibernate

another term used for the plant life found in an area
a) vegetation
b) taiga
c) migrate
d) deforestation

Animals living in _____________ have adapted to dry weather, and often migrate to find food or water.
a) rain forests
b) deciduous forests
c) savanna

Grasslands are found on all of the following continents except for ________________.
a) Antarctica
b) North America
c) Europe
d) Africa

Coastal grasslands, also called ____________, have scrubby plants and evergreen shrubs.
a) savannas
b) rain forests
c) chaparral
d) coniferous forests

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