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The mechanization of the farm and the invention of the steam engine mark the beginning of which age?
a) Industrial
b) Agricultural
c) Information
d) Technological

A rush of people moved from the farm to the city in which age?
a) Industrial
b) Agricultural
c) Information
d) Technological

What age accounts for the fewest technological developments
a) Stone Age
b) Industrial Age
c) Information Age
d) Renaissance

The military use of rockets and gun powder first occurred during the:
a) Middle Age
b) Industrial Age
c) Information Age
d) Iron Age

Which age emphasizes processing and exchanging information?
a) Information
b) Communication
c) Industrial
d) Technology

Canal building dramatically improved shipping routes during the:
a) Industrial Age
b) Information Age
c) Iron Age
d) Middle Age

During the Stone Age, tool use was limited to:
a) Hunting and agricultural practice
b) Agricultural practice
c) Industrial use
d) Military application

In the Bronze Age, glass was used for jewelry and ornamentation. In the Information Age it has enhanced:
a) Communication
b) Construction
c) Manufacturing
d) Transportation

Which forecasting technique depends on the professional opinions of experts?
a) Delphi Study
b) Normative Forecasting
c) Exploratory Forecasting
d) Case Study

Exploratory forecasting predicts future events and developments by:
a) Using past and present conditions
b) Charting on a computer
c) Making a chaotic guess
d) Monitoring from outer space

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