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In the Iron Age, a significant development is communication was the:
a) Alphabet
b) Printing press
c) Spoken language
d) Telegraph

In 1998, 16 MBs of RAM was standard on a top of the line computer. In 2000, 128 MBs of RAM was standard on most computers. This is an example of what kind of growth?
a) Exponential
b) Direct
c) Explosive
d) Linear

Major migration toward cities began during the:
a) Industrial Age
b) Information Age
c) Iron Age
d) Middle Age

During the Iron Age, the MOST significant use of water wheels was for:
a) Grind grain
b) Generate electric power
c) Produce copper
d) Weave textiles

Technological advancements during the industrial age provided Americans with:
a) More leisure time
b) Longer working days
c) Less wealth
d) Fewer education opportunities

What invention has enabled weather forecasters to monitor weather patterns more effectively?
a) Doppler Radar
b) Global Positioning Systems
c) Sonar
d) Television

The invention of the wheel improved:
a) Transportation
b) Communication
c) Construction
d) Manufacturing

Mass production in a factory system first occurred during the:
a) Industrial Age
b) Information Age
c) Iron Age
d) Middle Age

The industrial age is characterized by:
a) Steam power
b) Animal power
c) Nuclear power
d) Solar power

During the Industrial Age, Samuel Morse invented the telegraph. What was most significant about the telegraph?
a) Enabled faster communication over longer distances
b) Assisted in air traffic control
c) Enabled music groups to record songs
d) Paved the way for rural access to the Internet

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