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Which of the below is NOT one of the four regions the United States is divided into?
a) Northeast
b) Midwest
c) Southwest
d) West

What landform in the Northeast makes up its East side?
a) Pacific Ocean
b) Atlantic Ocean
c) Rocky Mountains
d) Appalachian Mountains

Which state in the Northeast is known for its coal and iron ore deposits?
a) Maine
b) Delaware
c) Ney York
d) Pennsylvania

True or False? Summers and winters in the Northeast are warm and humid.
a) True
b) False

This type of mill was among the first U.S. factories, and can be found in the Northeast.
a) Textile
b) Rubber
c) Saw
d) Wood

Major parts of the Northeast’s economy include all of the below except for…
a) Shipping
b) Technology
c) Manufacturing
d) Service Industries

This city is the largest city in the Northeast.
a) Harrisburg
b) Chicago
c) New York
d) None of these

This Midwest landform serves as an important trade way in the United States.
a) The Great Lakes
b) Mississippi River
c) St. Lawrence Seaway
d) Susquehanna River

True or False? The Midwest is known for its hot harsh summers, and its harsh cold winters.
a) True
b) False

The major products of the Midwest include all of the below except for…
a) Corn
b) Wheat
c) Dairy
d) Coal

Which city below is the largest city in the Midwest?
a) Chicago
b) New York
c) San Diego
d) San Diego

The southern tip of Florida is the only part of the continental United States that is in which climate region?
a) Dry
b) Tropics
c) Polar
d) Moderate

The Everglades are…
a) wetlands filled grasses and mangrove trees
b) dry lands filled with grasses and mangrove trees
c) a large mountain range found in Florida
d) None of these

True or False? In after the 20th century industries moved out of the south because of its mild climate, and low wages being paid to workers.
a) True
b) False

Many of the Gulf States in the South drill for what?
a) Natural Gas
b) Gold
c) Oil
d) Methane

What mountain rage is found in the West?
a) Andes Mountains
b) Rocky Mountains
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) All of these

True or False? The infamous Redwood trees, the tallest trees in the world, are found along the west coast.
a) True
b) False

All of the below are important industries found it the West except for…
a) Fish Farming
b) Ranching
c) Mining
d) Logging

This industry has started to cluster in California, and includes companies such as Apple and Google.
a) Super Tech
b) Low Tech
c) High Tech
d) Internet Tech

This National Park is located in the West, and is known for its deep colorful gorge created by the Colorado River.
a) Yosemite
b) Yellowstone
c) Zion
d) Grand Canyon

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