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The International System of Units ___.
a) is based on standardized body measurements
b) contains units that are bsed on the number 10
c) is useful only for measuring lengths
d) is a device used to measure volume

Which tool would a life scientist use to obtain a detailed image of the nerves that branch off a person's spinal cord?
a) a scanning electron microscope
b) an X ray
c) a transmission electron microscope
d) MRI

An advantage of using the International System of Units is that it ___.
a) is based on measurements of common body parts
b) includes easily understood units of measure, such as inches
c) gives scientists a common way to share their results
d) use different units to measure mass and weight

A ___ object contains the same amount of matter as a 10 kg object.
a) 100 g
b) 10,000 g
c) 1,000 g
d) 100,000 g

The three main parts of a compound light microscope are ___.
a) an ocular lens, an objective lens, and a hand lens
b) a stage, a light, and a tube with lenses
c) a lens, a slide, and a light
d) an ocular light, an objective light, and a radiant light

Transmission electron microscopes can magnify specimens up to ___ times their actual size.
a) 100
b) 1,000
c) 100,000
d) 200,000

A CT scan is a ___.
a) computed tomography scan
b) clearly transferred scan
c) computer-generated topography scan
d) concentrated transmission scan

___ is defined as the amount of space something occupies.
a) Mass
b) Volume
c) Area
d) Temperature

A life scientist would use an (a) ___ to magnify a living speciman
a) compound light microscope
b) X ray
c) CT scan
d) electron microscope

___ is the use of knowledge, tools, and materials to solve problems and accomplish task.
a) Life science
b) Variable
c) Hypothesis
d) Technology

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