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splendid; excellent; beyond the expected
a) superb
b) superimpose
c) surplus
d) supervisor

to lay or place something over something else
a) superimpose
b) surcharge
c) surreal
d) superintendent

a person with the highest power, power above everyon else's
a) superintendent
b) surplus
c) surtax
d) superb

above average in quality; excellent
a) superior
b) surcharge
c) surprise
d) surplus

a person who stands over or above someone in rank; a manager in charge of someone else
a) supervisor
b) surcharge
c) surreal
d) surtax

an amount of money (charge) over and above what is already being paid
a) surcharge
b) superintendent
c) surreal
d) superior

a quantity or amount over and above what is actually needed; extra
a) surplus
b) surcharge
c) surreal
d) superb

something that is beyond what is expected
a) surprise
b) surtax
c) superior
d) superb

beyond what is real or believable; bizarre
a) surreal
b) surtax
c) supervisor
d) superintendent

an extra tax beyond the normal tax
a) surtax
b) surreal
c) surplus
d) superman

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