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To avoid any false color analysis, be sure the area used for performing the analysis is :
a) in the reception area
b) a room with no windows
c) well-lit, preferably with windows
d) a room with fluorescent lighting

What can be nixed with a cream on-the-scalp lightener to speed the process?
a) water
b) peroxide
c) a thinning agent
d) an activator(booster)

In addition to the client's natural hair color, you will also need to identify which of the following before performing a new color service?
a) weather outside
b) date of last cut
c) client's emotional state
d) any artificial color on the hair

Repeating back what a client has said in order to clarify any misunderstanding is called:
a) repetitiveness
b) active listening
c) passive listening
d) reflective listening

Which of the following is the lightest hair color level?
a) level 1
b) level 3
c) level 7
d) level 10

When mixing two primary colors in varying proportions, the colors produced are :
a) red, blue, and green
b) red, blue, and yellow
c) orange, red, and green
d) orange, green, and violet

On-the-scalp and off-the-scalp lighteners have a pH level around:
a) 5
b) 6
c) 8
d) 9

Which of the following techniques utilizes a piece of foil or thermal strip to isolate the selected strands prior to coloring?
a) freeform painting
b) retouch application
c) weaving and slicing
d) base-to-ends application

Since permanent colors contain aniline derivatives, which test should be performed on the client before applying any color?
a) strand test
b) skin tone test
c) predisposition test
d) test for metallic salts

Red hair contains:
a) small amount of pheomelanin
b) small population of eumelanin
c) dense concentration of eumelanin
d) predominant amount of pheomelanin

When the hair is decolorized(pre-lightened) and recolorized with the new pigment, this is a technique known as:
a) concentrate
b) double-process
c) pre-lightening
d) on-the-scalp lightener

which type of hair colors lift the natural pigment and deposit artificial pigment in one process?
a) temporary
b) permanent
c) semi-permanent
d) demi-permanent

Why does the base area lighten faster when using a midstrand-to-ends then base(lighter result) technique?
a) hair at the base is darker
b) hair at base is fully keratinized
c) heat from the scalp accelerates processing
d) lack of exposure to environment causes resistance

What refers to the vividness of a color or the strength of the tone?
a) level
b) melanin
c) intensity
d) porosity

Coloring the hair back to its original color is called a :
a) tint back
b) stripping
c) lightening
d) repositioning

What is used to achieve more levels of lift when working with lighteners?
a) a stronger toner
b) an additional developer
c) lower volume of developer
d) higher volume of developer

Which of the following statements identifies what demi-permanent colors use to develop the color molecules and aid in the color processing?
a) no alkaline
b) low volume peroxide
c) 40% hydrogen peroxide
d) 60% hydrogen peroxide

Metallic dyes are known as progressive dyes because the :
a) hair lightens with each application
b) hair darkens with each application
c) cost increases with each application
d) processing time decreases with each application

What identifies the warmth, coolness, or neutrality of a color?
a) texture
b) porosity
c) intensity
d) base color

Which application technique is used to brush color or lightener on the hair vertically and in an alternating pattern?
a) base retouch
b) base to ends
c) freeform painting
d) midstrand- to -ends then base

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