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Directing the eye from one point to another best defines....
a) Line
b) Movement and Rhythm
c) Emphsis and Dominance
d) Pattern and Repetition

Formal, Informal and Radial are three types of
a) Contrast
b) Balance
c) Shape
d) Subject Matter

Forground, Midground and Background are three types of
a) 2d space
b) 3d space
c) Subject Matter
d) Positive Space

Which of the following are all art elements?
a) line, space, shape, texture, contrast, color
b) balance, contrast, emphasis, repetition, unity, movement
c) line, space, shape, balance, unity, contrast
d) line, space, shape, texture, color, value

A mark or a path made by a tool best defines....
a) line
b) shape
c) space
d) texture

A recognizable subject matter best defines
a) realistic
b) abstract
c) non-object
d) non of the above

Objects positioned in the center of the picture is which of the following balances?
a) Formal
b) Informal
c) Radial
d) non of the above

The focal point is...
a) contrasting
b) craftsmenship
c) technique
d) center of interest

Oneness or Wholeness defines.........
a) Movement
b) Pattern
c) Unity
d) Balance

The area around the object is called....
a) non-objective
b) negative space

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