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During a retouch procedure, apply mixture to:
a) ends only
b) faded areas only
c) entire hair structure
d) base(new growth) area only

Hair should never be lightened or decolorized to:
a) white
b) palest yellow
c) the third degree
d) the orange stage

Color products that are available, but are not recommended for use are:
a) temporary colors
b) off-the-scalp lighteners
c) semi-permanent colors
d) metallic, compound dyes, and vegetable dyes

Which hair texture may tend to process slightly lighter than the intended level?
a) fine
b) coarse
c) medium
d) thinning

Generally following a color removal procedure, the designer should:
a) dry hair
b) tint hair
c) trim hair
d) condition hair

What is the shelf life of hydrogen peroxide?
a) 2 months
b) 1 year
c) 3 years
d) indefinite

Semi-permanent colors are alkaline and generally last through several shampoos depending on the :
a) porosity of the hair
b) texture of the hair
c) decolorization of the hair
d) intensity of the color choice

During the Consult phase prior to the service, which of the following items could be used to better understand the client's specific desires?
a) an appointment book
b) hair color swatches
c) client release statement
d) history of taking vitamins

An application of which of the following complementary color categories would help eliminate unwanted brassiness or orange tones from a hair color?
a) blue-based
b) black-based
c) green-based
d) brown-based

Demi-permanent colors are NOT designed to:
a) add tone
b) deposit color
c) last 4 to 6 weeks
d) lift or lighten existing hair color

If the hair is overlightened, a toner may cause the hair to appear:
a) shiny
b) brassy
c) ashy or gray
d) darker than desired

Colors made by mixing primary colors with their neighboring secondary color in varying proportions are known as:
a) cool
b) pure
c) tertiary
d) complementary

A powder lightener without buffering agents and conditioners could NOT be used for which of the following procedures:
a) Weaving
b) surface painting
c) partial highlights
d) on-the-scalp lightening

The amount and density of the strands selected during the cap technique in hair coloring will determine:
a) the porosity of the hair
b) the elasticity of the hair
c) the type of product to use
d) if the effect will be subtle or dramatic

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of semi-permanent hair color?
a) only deposits color
b) retouches are not required
c) leaves a line of demarcation
d) does not use chemical to alter the hair

Which of the following statements about on-the-scalp lightener is NOT true?
a) comes in oil and cream
b) possesses a pH of around 9
c) lightens the natural pigment
d) darkens the natural pigment

The condition in which the cuticle is lifted or missing is referred to as:
a) normal porosity
b) average porosity
c) resistant porosity
d) exreme porosity

Permanent hair colors are mixed with:
a) shampoo
b) conditioners
c) metallic dyes
d) hydrogen peroxide

A mixture of blue with what color produces green?
a) Red
b) Brown
c) Yellow
d) Orange

Chemical products such as hair colors, lighteners, perms and relaxers affect:
a) the length of the hair
b) the grow of the of the hair
c) the porosity of the hair
d) the diameter of the hair

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