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Which rivers formed the boundaries of Mesopotamia?
a) Tigris and Nile
b) Nile and Indus
c) Tigris and Euphrates
d) Indus and Euphrates

What feature contributed to the growth of Early civilizations in river valleys in Africa and Asia?
a) cold temperatures
b) oil reserves
c) fertile soil
d) rainy seasons

Which of the following religions is NOT monotheistic?
a) Buddhism
b) Judaism
c) Islam
d) Christianity

Which statement about the early agricultural river valley civilizations of Africa and Asia is NOT true?
a) Cities developed along the banks of the rivers.
b) People had little time for farming.
c) The rivers allowed people to trade goods and ideas.
d) The river valleys were generally broad and flat.

What was the name of the series of invasions of Palestine launched by Christians from Europe?
a) the Diaspora
b) the Crusades
c) Zionism
d) Knesset

The Silk Road passing through Central Asia is a good example of
a) a cultural hearth.
b) ecotourism.
c) globalization.
d) a culture trait.

The first people to develop a civilization in Mesopotamia were the
a) Assyrians
b) Akkaidians
c) Sumerians
d) Babylonians

Synagogue is to Judaism, as ________________ is to Islam.
a) church
b) temple
c) shrine
d) mosque

Hammurabi is best known for
a) winning brilliant military victories.
b) governing a huge empire.
c) discovering how to make iron.
d) his code of laws.

A large difference between Christianity and Judaism is
a) the Christian belief in loving others.
b) the Jewish belief in the Messiah.
c) the Jewish belief in righteousness.
d) the Christian belief that Jesus is the Messiah.

The hajj is a
a) pilgrimage to Mecca that Muslims are expected to make.
b) time of fasting.
c) prayer that happens several times per day.
d) statement of faith.

Which of these events took place in the Middle East after the end of WWII?
a) The Ottoman Empire's control over the region ended.
b) Israel was declared an independent country.
c) Trade between Europe and Egypt began.
d) Islam began in the Arabian Peninsula.

While oil is ____________________ in Southwest Asia, there is a(n) _____________ of water.
a) plentiful...scarcity
b) rare...abundance
c) common...surplus
d) everywhere...area

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, is a holy month of _____.
a) fasting
b) festivals
c) celebrations
d) refraining from labor

Because of misuse of natural resources, what body of water in Central Asia has almost dried up?
a) Aral Sea
b) Caspian Sea
c) Black Sea
d) Amu Darya River

Which of the following people was known as a great Muslim traveler and geographer?
a) Abu Bakr
b) Marco Polo
c) Ibn Battuta
d) Jonathan Djibouti

What is the primary purpose of OPEC?
a) to protect civilians at wartime
b) the establish policies for petroleum trade
c) to assist countries affected by earthquakes
d) to settle border disputes between countries

What is the main historical significance of Mecca?
a) birthplace of Muhammad
b) important trade center on the Silk Road
c) city to which Muhammad and his followers fled
d) site of Muhammad’s death

What was the Sumerian writing system cuneiform based on?
a) calligraphy
b) paintings on rocks
c) picture symbols
d) numbers

What is the capital of Iraq?
a) Jerusalem
b) Baghdad
c) Bethlehem
d) Damascus

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