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The Patriots bitter winter was spent here between 1777 - 1778
a) Valley Forge
b) Brooklyn Heights
c) Saratoga
d) Yorktown

Swamp Fox
a) George Washington
b) Thomas Jefferson
c) Benedict Arnold
d) Francis Marion

This British general disobeyed orders to attack Albany
a) General Cornwallis
b) General Arnold
c) General Howe
d) General Gates

General Greene wanted to draw General Cornwallis away from this
a) Frontier
b) Coast
c) Mountains
d) Great Lakes

The Continental Congress met in this city until Howe's invasion
a) Boston
b) New York City
c) Savannah
d) Philadelphia

Most famous Patriot traitor
a) Thomas Paine
b) Benedict Arnold
c) Horatio Gates
d) William Howe

Treaty that ended the American Revolution
a) Paris 1763
b) Paris 1793
c) Paris 1783
d) Paris 1865

Turning Point of the American Revolution due to French intervention
a) Saratoga
b) Philadelphia
c) Trenton
d) Brooklyn

British General who lost at Yorktown
a) Howe
b) Leger
c) Cornwallis
d) Burgoyne

This foreign country aided the Patriots after their victory in Saratoga
a) Great Britain
b) Portugal
c) Netherlands
d) France

Territory acquired by Spain after the American Revolution
a) Florida
b) Texas
c) Canada
d) Mexico

French general who trained Washington's troops in the spring of 1778
a) La Salle
b) Cartier
c) Lafayette
d) Von Stuben

Head general of the Patriot southern army that led the the British on a Cat and Mouse chase
a) Washington
b) Greene
c) Gates
d) Montcalm

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