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The refutation should come immediately after the
a) claim
b) introduction
c) conclusion
d) opposing view

The purpose of the conclusion is to
a) restate the argument and the reasons
b) give new information
c) give evidence and details
d) restate the attention getter and background

An opposing view or claim is a statement that shows
a) what the writer will try to prove
b) what the reader should believe
c) what someone would argue against the claim
d) what someone would argue for the claim

Background information helps the reader to
a) have more information about the topic
b) be distracted about the claim
c) watch for an opposing view
d) eat ice cream

How many reasons or main ideas should be in one paragraph?
a) 5
b) 2
c) 3
d) 1

Where would you find evidence and details?
a) introduction
b) conclusion
c) body paragraphs
d) pizza

The claim is where the writer
a) show how smart he/she is
b) shows what he/she is trying to prove
c) will answer an opposing view
d) will tear down an opposing view

Where is the best place to introduce the claim?
a) in the last paragraph
b) in the second paragraph
c) at the end of the first paragraph
d) at the end of the last paragraph

The prompt may reveal what part of an essay?
a) conclusion
b) claim
c) evidence
d) annotation

Which is the wrong way to get the audience’s attention?
a) use a quotation
b) use statistics
c) use a story
d) use an insult

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