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Typically, sedimentary rocks are formed
a) only in erupting volcanoes
b) only under great pressure and high temperatures
c) below Earth's surface as magma cools and crystallizes
d) from sediments that settle and become solid

Fossils are usually found in _________ rocks.
a) igneous
b) metamorphic
c) sedimentary
d) hard

Dinosaurs are extinct organisms that lived millions of years ago. How are scientists able to learn anything about them?
a) by studying ores
b) by studying fossils
c) by studying erosion
d) by studying volcanoes

Which of the following is a nonrenewable natural resource?
a) Forests
b) Coal
c) Oxygen
d) Water

Which of the following is a renewable resource?
a) wood
b) Aluminum
c) oil
d) quartz

Because fossil fuels are non-renewable resources-
a) supplies of them will run out someday
b) people are buying as many plastic items as they can
c) sun and wind cannot replace them
d) scientists are less concerned about the pollution they cause

Soil is a mixture of many substances which may include-
a) sun, water, clay, and sand
b) sand, clay, wind, and pebbles
c) sand, clay, dead plants, and dead animals
d) leaves, twigs, sun, and wind

What is the best evidence scientists have concerning the existence of dinosaurs?
a) fossilized bones of dinosaurs
b) cave paintings of ancient dinosaurs
c) stories passed down from generation to generation
d) photographs of similar animals, like the Loch Ness Monster

what can we learn by studying fossils?
a) how hurricanes formed long ago
b) how the solar system was formed
c) the cause of strong earthquakes
d) how Earth's environments have changed

All of the following resources are renewable except
a) air and water
b) fossil fuels and gold
c) plants and animals
d) sunlight and wind

Advances in technology have helped make life easier. One type of advancement is a solar-powered calculator. What type of energy does this type of calculator require in order to work?
a) heat
b) light
c) electrical
d) not here

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