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Which principle describes when graphics don't overpower the text?
a) white space
b) balance
c) alignment
d) repetition

Which principle describes a grouping of related items?
a) proximity/unity
b) balance
c) contrast
d) alignment

Which publication is used to advertise one time upcoming events?
a) business card
b) brochure
c) flyer
d) newsletter

Which publication contains is used to help recipients remember you or your business?
a) letterhead
b) flyer
c) google image
d) business card

Which design principle uses the same font and color schemes?
a) contrast
b) repetition/consistency
c) white space
d) black space

Which publication is used to provide information, educate, or advertise about a topic or product?
a) google docs
b) brochure
c) billboard
d) newsletter

Which publication is used to provide informational updates to a club or organization?
a) mini booklet
b) letterhead
c) HJM flyer
d) newsletter

Which design principle is used when more important elements are emphasized?
a) Contrast
b) balance
c) pemdas
d) alignment

Which publication is used by businesses or individuals to communicate a message?
a) power point
b) letterhead
c) flyer
d) business card

Which design principle is used for blank space?
a) purple space
b) alignment
c) white space
d) contrast

Which design principle is used for justification?
a) alignment
b) underline
c) proximity/unity
d) balance

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