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What destination is most likely to appeal to individuals who like to participate in cold-weather sports?
a) Florida amusement park
b) Colorado snow-ski resort
c) South Carolina beach hotel
d) Southern California golf resort

What types of tours are likely to appeal to individuals who are active and enjoy taking physical risks?
a) Cultural
b) Domestic
c) Adventure
d) International

What segment of the hospitality industry focuses on providing travelers with sleeping accommodations?
a) Tourism
b) Lodging
c) Culinary
d) Entertainment

Mr. and Mrs. Green are booking a trip to Myrtle Beach so they can play golf at several different golf courses in the area. What type of tourists are Mr. and Mrs. Green?
a) Cultural
b) Heritage
c) Educational
d) Special interest

What segment of the hospitality industry focuses on providing its target market with entertainment and relaxation services?
a) Travel
b) Recreation
c) Lodging
d) Food and beverage

Which of the following is a component of the lodging industry?
a) Campsites
b) Landmarks
c) Travel agencies
d) Convention centers

What is a characteristic of a destination's off-season?
a) More outdoor events are scheduled
b) Restaurant sales increase
c) Tourism is high
d) Tourism is low

What type of services do restaurants, banquets and coffee shops provide to hospitality consumers?
a) Lodging accomodations
b) Means of transportation
c) Food and beverage
d) Entertainment

Pete learned that all the segments of hospitality and tourism impact one another and are hard to distinguish sometimes. Which characteristic applies to this relationship?
a) They all require lodging accommodations.
b) They all provide entertainment.
c) They are dissimilar.
d) They are interrelated.

Which of the following is a component of the hospitality industry that focuses on meeting tourists' transportation needs?
a) Travel
b) Lodging
c) Recreation
d) Business

Which of the following are components of the travel industry?
a) Busses, theme parks and rental cars
b) Cruise ships, airlines and resorts
c) Airlines, rental cars and trains
d) Trains, cruise ships and tour companies

What type of tourists is interested in visiting attractions such as the Football Hall of Fame, Daytona International Speedway and Yankee Stadium?
a) Nature lovers
b) Art enthusiasts
c) Sports fans
d) Adventure seekers

Which segment of the hospitality industry focuses on planning different types of trips?
a) Recreation
b) Tourism
c) Lodging
d) Travel

Jacob went to New Orleans, Louisiana to see family at several reunions. What factor prompted Jacob to travel to this destination?
a) Climate
b) Low cost
c) Geography
d) Heritage tourism

If Tony wants to enjoy and support maintaining the natural environment, which category of tourism will this happen?
a) Ecotourism
b) Cultural tourism
c) Heritage tourism
d) Adventure tourism

A group traveled to Haiti to help rebuild homes that were destroyed by a natural disaster. What type of tourism took place?
a) Ecotourism
b) Edutourism
c) Agritourism
d) Voluntourism

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