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Find the verb in the following sentence: The dog ran fast.
a) the
b) dog
c) ran
d) fast

Find the adjective in the following sentence: The bright sun was shining.
a) bright
b) sun
c) was
d) shining

Find the verb in the following sentence: The ball rolled down the hill.
a) ball
b) rolled
c) down
d) hil

Find the prepositional phrase in the following sentence: I live around the corner.
a) I live
b) live around
c) live around the
d) around the corner

Find the adverb in the following sentece: The fox ran quickly.
a) fox
b) ran
c) quickly
d) the

Find the pronoun in the following sentence: We went to the store yesterday.
a) went
b) we
c) store
d) yesterday

Please find the interjection in the following sentence: Wow! That is amazing!
a) wow
b) that
c) is
d) amazing

Find the verb in the following sentence: The children go to school every day.
a) the
b) children
c) go
d) school

Find the article in the following sentence: The apple is red.
a) the
b) apple
c) is
d) red

Find the conjunction in the following sentence: The cat and the dog were friends.
a) cat
b) and
c) dog
d) friends

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