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1. When you place your cursor over the insertion point, to what shape does it change?
a) dash
b) I-beam
c) box
d) underscore

2. The Ribbon contains multiple __________ with common commands grouped on each.
a) icons
b) dialog boxes
c) buttons
d) tabs

3. You cannot seem to locate a specific command while formatting text using commands in the Font group on the Home tab. Where can you find the dialog box launcher, which is necessary to display the dialog box with all commands?
a) upper left
b) lower left
c) upper right
d) lower right

4. What displays when you point to selected text, allowing you access to popular commands?
a) drop-down menu
b) Mini-toolbar
c) shortcut menu
d) dialog box

5. In order to save time searching for common commands, you can add tools to which toolbar located above the Ribbon?
a) Menut Toolbar
b) Word Toolbar
c) Shortcut Toolbar
d) Quick Access Toolbar

6. Which button on the Quick Access Toolbar can you use to cancel your last command or action?
a) Redo
b) Undo
c) Delete
d) Cancel

Which tab displays Backstage view?
a) home
b) file
c) view
d) page layout

8. Which of the following options are available in the Info group on Backstage?
a) print document
b) share document
c) password protect document
d) preview document

9. Which of the following options are available in the Print group on Backstage?
a) choose number of copies
b) save as PDF
c) mark document as final
d) check compatibility

10. What Word feature reduces the amount of time spent typing common content or phrases in a document?
a) AutoComplete
b) AutoInsert
c) Insert
d) AutoFill

11. Which of the following Word options are available when saving the document as a different file type?
a) word template
b) XLS
c) share document
d) set printer options

Which of the following extensions applies to a Word 2013 document?
a) .docx
b) .doc
c) .dotx
d) .dot

13. You no longer need to share your document with others using an earlier version of Word. Which option in Backstage can you use to deactivate Compatibility Mode and save the file in Word 2013 format?
a) revert
b) upgrade
c) convert
d) save

On which tab will you find the Print options?
a) Home
b) File
c) Review
d) Insert

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