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Suppose you have found a new species of plant. Some of the plants have yellow flowers, and some have red flowers. You cross a red-flowering plant with a yellow-flowering plant. All of the offspring have orange flowers. What genotype is the offspring?
a) RR
b) Rr
c) R'R'
d) rr

If two parents with dominant phenotypes produce an offspring with a recessive phenotype, then probably
a) both parents are heterozygous
b) one parent is heterozygous
c) both parents are homozygous
d) one parent is homozygous

In guinea pigs, black fur is dominant. A black guinea pig is crossed with a white guinea pig. If the litter contains a white offspring, the genotype of the black-haired parent is probably
a) homozygous dominant
b) heterozygous
c) homozygous recessive
d) None of the above

In a monohybrid cross between two heterozygous parents, one would expect the offspring to be
a) 1 pp : 3 PP
b) 3 Pp : 1 pp
c) 1 PP : 2 Pp : 1 pp
d) al Pp

Segregation of alleles occurs during
a) mitosis
b) meiosis
c) fertilization
d) pollination

A heterozygous individual would have the following genotype:
a) pp
b) YY
c) Zz
d) None of these

A trait occuring in 200 offspring out of a total of 800 offspring has a probability of
a) 0.02
b) .25
c) .50
d) .75

The genetic make up of an organism is the organism's
a) phenotype
b) heredity
c) allele
d) genotype

A segment of DNA that controls a particular hereditary trait is a
a) gene
b) allele
c) genotype
d) phenotype

A heterozygote is
a) an alternative form of a gene
b) an organism having two different alleles for a trait
c) an organism having two of the same alleles for a trait
d) a cross involving one pair of contrasting traits

Offspring of the P1 generation are called F2 generation.
a) True
b) False

An organism that is homozygous for flower color could have the genotype Qq.
a) True
b) False

A cross involving one pair of contrasting traits is a
a) dihybrid cross
b) pure cross
c) monohybrid cross
d) trait cross

Incomplete dominance is shown when
a) a black guinea pig is crossed with a white quinea pig to produce a speckled black and white guinea pig.
b) a black guinea pig is crossed with a white quinea pig to produce a black guinea pig.
c) a black guinea pig is crossed with a white quinea pig to produce a white guinea pig.
d) a black guinea pig is crossed with a white quinea pig to produce a grey guinea pig.

When Medel crossed a strain of tall pea plants with a strain of short pea plants, he observed that all of the plants in the F1 generation were all tall. This suggests
a) the tall trait was controlled by a dominant factor
b) the short trait was controlled by a dominant factor
c) both traits were controlled by a recessive factor
d) the strain of short plants was not capable of pollinating the strain of tall plants

When alleles for different characteristics are on separate chromosomes, they are distributed to gametes independently. This observation is summarized by the law of
a) cross pollination
b) independent assortment
c) segregation
d) molecular genetics

The Austrian monk that studied the heredity of pea plants and built a large foundation for genetics was
a) Gregor Mendel
b) George Mendaly
c) Johann Mendeleev
d) Greg Mendeleev

The appearance of an organism is its
a) genotype
b) phenotype
c) genotypic ratio
d) phenotypic ratio

To determine the genotype of an individual that shows the dominant phenotype, you would cross the individual with one that is
a) heterozygous dominant
b) heterozygous recessive
c) homozygous dominant
d) homozygous recessive

In a dihybrid cross between an individual with the genotype RRYY and an individual with the genotype rryy, all of the offspring will have the genotype
b) RrYY
c) RrYy
d) rryy

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