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Why are fossils hard to find?
a) Some things die in places that won't form fossils
b) The bodies of some organisms decay to fast to form fossils
c) Some organsisms won't be covered in sediments
d) All of the above

Structures that are similar in appearance, but different in function (suggesting common ancestry) are called
a) Homlogous
b) Vestigial
c) Analogous
d) Sequential

Evidence for evolution includes all of the following except
a) Direct observation
b) Similarities and differences in molecular molectules
c) The fossil record
d) Anatomical evidence

When Darwin published his theory of evolution, he included all of the following ideas EXCEPT
a) The idea that species change slowly over time
b) The idea that some organisms become less suited to their environment than others
c) Mendel's ideas about genetics
d) The ideas that some organisms reproduce at greater rates than others

Which of these is NOT one of Darwin's 4 major points?
a) Inhertited variation exists with the genes of every population
b) In a particular environment, some individuals in a population are better suited to survive
c) Over time, the traits that make certain individuals better able to survive tend to spread in a population
d) There is overwhelming evidence from dinosaurs that living things evolved from things that are now extinct

The process by which a species becomes better suited to its environment is known as
a) Accomodation
b) Variation
c) Adaptation
d) Selection

Natural selection could not occur without
a) Genetic variation in species
b) Extinction
c) Competition for unlimited resources
d) Gradual warming of the earth

Darwin conducted his research on
a) The Samoan Islands
b) Manhattan Island
c) New York Island
d) Galapagos Islands

The fossilized armadillos that Darwin found
a) were similar to the armadillos currently living in the area
b) were very different to armadillos currently living in the same area
c) suggested to Darwin that the animals had evolved to meet the needs of the changing environment
d) A and C

The fact that some time during their development, all vertebrates have a tailbone is an example of
a) Anatomical evidence
b) Embryological evidence
c) Biochemical evidence
d) Fossil evidence

Closely related species showing similarities in nucleotide sequences is an example of
a) Anatomical evidence
b) Embryological evidence
c) Biochemical evidence
d) Fossil evidence

Limited resources and high numbers of individuals in a population results in
a) Homology
b) Competition
c) Convergent evolution
d) Cryptic coloration

The condition in which two populations of the same species do not interbreed is called
a) Reproductive isolation
b) Homologous structure
c) Species isolation
d) Biochemical evidence

The process in which new species form because of reproductive isolation is called
a) Darwinism
b) Adaptation
c) Speciation
d) Radiation

Which scientist had the idea of use and disuse and that phenotypic changes can be passed to offpsring?
a) Lamark
b) Lyell
c) Malthus
d) Darwin

Which scientist said that populations increase faster than food supplies?
a) Lyell
b) Darwin
c) Wallace
d) Malthus

Which scientist said that the Earth was slowly changing over many years?
a) Lyell
b) Malthus
c) Wallace
d) Darwin

Which scientist wrote to Darwin and and convinced him to publish?
a) Lyell
b) Lamark
c) Wallace
d) Malthus

Which isolating mechanism describes two species live in the same place but reproduce at different times?
a) Habitat isolation
b) Reproductive time isolation
c) Mating attraction differences
d) Inadequate offspring

Which isolating mechanism describes two species that occupy different habitats and do not mate?
a) Habitat isolation
b) Infertile offspring
c) Inadequate offspring
d) Mating attraction differences

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