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1. The Declaration of Independence includes a list of colonial grievances against King George III, including “quartering large bodies of armed troops” in the colonists’ homes. When the colonies broke from Great Britain and formed the United States, t
a) A. within the Bill of Rights
b) B. by the Articles of Confederation
c) C. in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution
d) D. by Articles I and II of the U.S. Constitution

2. Which document contained a list of grievances committed by Britain, a statement about our unalienable rights, and established the independence of the United States of America? (8.15C)
a) A. Stamp Act
b) B. Declaration of Independence
c) C. U.S. Constitution
d) D. Articles of Confederation

3. The Declaration of Independence refers to King George III as a “tyrant” and “unfit to be the ruler of a free people.” What is one way that the U.S. Constitution prevents government leaders from becoming tyrants? (8.15C)
a) A. By setting the length of each term served by a senator or representative
b) B. By establishing a method for amending the Constitution when necessary
c) C. By determining which government officials would be paid for their service
d) D. By abolishing slavery

5. Which principle of the Constitution allows people to exercise power in their government? (8.15D)
a) A. popular sovereignty
b) B. separation of powers
c) D. limited government
d) D. limited government

6. Which statement illustrates the system of checks and balances at work? (8.15D)
a) A. The president sends American troops on a peacekeeping mission to Europe.
b) B. Congress passes a law regulating the sale of handguns.
c) C. The Senate refuses to approve the president’s choice for a Supreme Court justice.
d) D. The governor of New York discusses policy with the president.

A proposed amendment can become part of the U.S. Constitution if it is ratified by – (8.16A)
a) A. a majority of state governors
b) B. the President and the Cabinet
c) C. three-fourths of the state legislatures
d) D. a majority of the Supreme Court justices

12. Which provision was included in the United States Constitution to allow it to adapt to changing times? (8.16A)
a) A. separation of powers
b) B. an electoral college
c) C. a federal system
d) D. an amendment process

When citizens report for jury duty, they are helping uphold the constitutional right guaranteed by the – (8.19B)
a) A. First Amendment
b) B. Sixth Amendment
c) C. Seventh Amendment
d) D. Ninth Amendment

The First Amendment includes a “free exercise clause” that prohibits the government from interfering with a citizen’s – (8.25C)
a) A. Representation in court
b) B. Right to choose a home
c) C. Spoken or written words
d) D. Religious beliefs or practices

What has been the impact of the First Amendment’s separation of church and state on the American way of life? (8.25C)
a) A. It has brought an end to religious differences.
b) B. It has helped to promote religious freedom.
c) C. It has increased American interest in religion.
d) D. It has fostered inequality between religious groups.

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