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If you or your lab partner are hurt during a lab, you should
a) Call out your teacher's name immediately and tell her who has been inured & how.
b) Not tell anyone so you don't get in trouble
c) Start running around, screaming incoherently at the top of your lungs.
d) Faint.

Unauthorized experiments
a) are prohibited (not allowed.)
b) are okay to do as long as the teacher doesn't catch you.
c) could never harm anyone.
d) are a good way to show what a smart student you are.

If you don't know how to use a piece of equipment
a) ask the teacher.
b) try different things until you get it to do what it's supposed to do, or it breaks.
c) don't do anything. At the end of class tell the teacher you didn't get done because you didn't know what to do.
d) see if your friend (who was talking to you during instructions and is also clueless) knows what to do.

If you splash chemicals on your eyes or skin, you have to flush the area with water for
a) 15-20 minutes.
b) 1-2 minutes.
c) 5 minutes.
d) 5-10 minutes.

Which of the following is proper dress for the laboratory?
a) Shoes that completely cover the foot.
b) Long, loose, sleeves.
c) Long, loose, hair.
d) Dangling jewlery.

Which of the following is good housekeeping practice for the lab?
a) Take only your laboratory instructions, worksheets, and/or reports to the work area.
b) Store backpacks and purses in the middle of the aisles.
c) Just let trash pile up at your work area; throw it away after the lab. Or not.
d) If you spill chemicals, don't waste time cleaning them up until after the lab.

If there is a fire drill during the lab,
a) All of the choices given here.
b) turn off gas valves.
c) close containers.
d) turn off electrical equipment.

To dispose of wastes,
a) follow your teacher's instructions.
b) dump everything into the trash container.
c) dispose of liquids in the sink and solids in the trash container.
d) dump every thing into the sink.

If you break a piece of glassware,
a) use a brush and dustpan to clean up the glass.
b) kick it under the lab table and pretend you don't know what happened.
c) carefully pick up the larger pieces with your hands, and sweep up the rest.
d) just leave it; the teacher or custodian will find it and clean it up.

At the end of a lab,
a) clean up area and wash hands before leaving the lab.
b) leave your mess; your mother will come and clean up after you.
c) sweep everything off the lab counter into a drawer; that's what they're there for.
d) tell your teacher your lab partner was supposed to clean up; he can tell her the same thing.

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