Pennsylvania Study Guide Question Preview (ID: 23428)

Our State And State Flag.

What state borders Pennsylvania to its north?
a) Delaware
b) New York
c) West Virginia
d) Maryland

What river forms Pennsylvania's border on its eastern side?
a) Ohio River
b) Pennsylvania River
c) Delaware River
d) Mississippi River

What Great Lake borders Pennsylvania?
a) Lake Superior
b) Lake Erie
c) Lake Michigan
d) Lake Ontario

Which 2 states border Pennsylvania on the western side?
a) Ohio and West Virginia
b) West Virginia and New York
c) Ohio and Maryland
d) New Jersey and Delaware

What country do we live in?
a) Jonestown
b) Mexico
c) Lebanon
d) United States

What state is to the east of Pennsylvania?
a) New York
b) West Virginia
c) New Jersey
d) Maryland

What are Pennsylvania's state colors?
a) Blue and White
b) Blue and Gold
c) Black and White
d) Red and Blue

Liberty and Indepence means ___________ on our state flag.
a) peace
b) farms
c) freedom
d) liberty

The plow and the corn on our state flag stands for _______.
a) fine farms
b) eating
c) working
d) trading

Where is our state Capital?
a) Jonestown
b) Philadelphia
c) Harrisburg
d) Hershey

The olive branch on our state flag stands for_________.
a) liberty
b) freedom
c) peace
d) farming

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