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The ________ is responsible for scheduling work throughout the factory.
a) production planner
b) factory manager
c) industrial engineer
d) first-line supervisor

Which of the following is the raw material for forging?
a) solid metal
b) molten metal
c) sand
d) plastic

A skilled machinist is capable of all the same work on a manual milling machine as a CNC machined would be, but it would take longer to do the job.
a) False
b) True

Which of the following is true of a factory that uses Statistical Control (SPC)?
a) The focus is on ensuring the processes function as intended.
b) Quality inspections are only performed on finished products
c) SPC methods are only used to determine the source of a problem once a problem has occurred.

One difference between ERP and MRP is
a) ERP provides for improved cooperation between departments, MRP only affects production and inventory functions.
b) MRP was proven to be an invalid system, and was thus replaced by ERP.
c) MRP is primarily done manually, whereas ERP is designed for use with powerful computers.

A device used to produce parts from a three dimensional CAD drawing is a __________.
a) CNC Mill
b) Robot
c) AS/RS
d) Machine Vision System

A system that automates the storage of raw materials, component parts, and finished products in factories is:
a) AS/RS
b) Robot
c) Machine Vision System
d) CNC Mill

A programmable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move materials, parts, tools, or specialized devices through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks is _____.
a) Robot
b) Machine Vision System
c) AS/RS
d) CNC Mill

Which of the following tasks is performed by the marketing department?
a) Promotes products to potential customers
b) Operate machinery
c) Design parts
d) Provide after-sales service

Which of the following is true of quality control technicians?
a) Precision is important in their work.
b) They have to check every component produced within the factory.
c) They only test parts when a problem is suspected.

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