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Starch turns blue-black in the presence of iodine solution. A selectively permeable dialysis sac containing a starch solution is placed into a beaker of iodine solution. Which process is described?
a) diffusion
b) cellular respiration
c) active transport
d) endocytosis

Starch turns blue-black in the presence of iodine. If a dialysis sac with starch solution is permeable only to water and iodine and is placed in a beaker of iodine solution, what will the solutions in the beaker and the sac look like after two hours
a) The iodine solution in the beaker will turn blue-black; the starch solution will not change.
b) The starch solution in the dialysis sac will turn blue-black; the iodine solution will not change.
c) Neither solution will turn blue-black.
d) Both solutions will turn blue-black.

Which of these substances moves across cell membranes by osmosis?
a) Salt
b) Water
c) Sugars
d) Proteins

Enzymes will stop functioning if...
a) The pH is out of range.
b) The temperature is out of range.
c) There is no substrate.
d) All of the above.

On a hot summer day, diffusion will occur
a) Faster
b) Slower
c) Same rate

Diffusion occurs when substances move from areas of ___ concentration to areas of ___ concentration to reach equilibrium.
a) high, high
b) high, low
c) low, low
d) low, high

The cell membrane will allow water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and glucose to pass through. Because other substances are blocked from entering, the membrane is called
a) perforated
b) semi-permeable
c) non-conductive
d) permeable

Which of these is most affected in the cells of the goldfish when the water temperature is lowered?
a) Enzyme activity
b) pH level
c) salt concentration
d) DNA base sequence

A scientist believes that a factory has been dumping acid into a local river. To test this hypothesis, which property of water should the scientist monitor?
a) pH
b) density
c) polarity
d) temperature

Which of these substances moves across cell membranes by osmosis?
a) salt
b) sugar
c) water
d) protein

Which Pond has the most acidic water?
a) Pond 1--pH 3
b) Pond 2--pH 6
c) Pond 3--pH 8
d) Pond 4--pH 13

The structure most responsible for maintaining cell homeostasis is the
a) cytosplasm
b) cell wall
c) mitochondria
d) cell membrane

A cell that normally lives in a 10% saltwater solution was moved into another solution. Which of these solutions would cause the cell to increase in size at the greatest rate?
a) 0% salt water
b) 5% salt water
c) 10% salt water
d) 20% salt water

Starch turns blue-black in the presence of iodine. A selectively permeable dialysis sac containing a starch solution is placed into a beaker of iodine solution. The movement of water into the sac is called
a) diffusion
b) osmosis
c) homeostasis
d) equilibrium

Spartina grows in salt marshes and stores salt in its roots. This makes the salt concentration in its roots greater than that of the surrounding water. What most likely occurs in response to this salt concentration in the roots?
a) Salt moves into the roots.
b) Nutrients move out of the roots.
c) Water moves into the roots.
d) Water moves out of the roots.

Researchers have discovered a toxin that stops cells from releasing stored energy. Cells exposed t this toxin cannot carry out many of their normal processes. When cells are exposed to this toxin, which of these would be least affected?
a) osmosis
b) active transport
c) meiosis
d) photosynthesis

Meat tenderizer is made with pepsin, an enzyme. If meat coated with tenderizer is placed in a refrigerator for a short time prior to cooking, how will the enzyme pepsin be affected?
a) Pepsin will be broken down.
b) Pepsin molecules will change shape.
c) Pepsin activity will slow down
d) Pepsin will no longer behave as an enzyme.

Which pond has the most basic water?
a) Pond 1--pH 3
b) Pond 2--pH 6
c) Pond 3--pH 8
d) Pond 4--pH 13

The human stomach has an acidic environment. Which enzyme with its optimal pH below most likely functions in the stomach?
a) Enzyme A--pH 3
b) Enzyme B--pH 7
c) Enzyme C--pH 11
d) Enzyme D--pH 14

A student conducted an experiment by boiling liver (has catalase) and added it to hydrogen peroxide (HO3) solution. Catalase breaks down HO3.She observed that little to no oxygen was released. Which statement best supports the student's observations?
a) Exposing catalase to high temperatures makes it inactive.
b) Exposing catalase to high temperatures changes it into a different enzyme.
c) Boiling liver breaks down hydrogen peroxide faster.
d) Boiling removes oxygen from the liver.

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