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Which of the following materials would allow electricity flow through it?
a) cardboard
b) aluminum foil
c) plastic
d) runner

What is the name of the path along which electricity travels?
a) electric circuit
b) fuse
c) circuit breaker
d) static

What is the name of the device that opens or closes a circuit easily without connecting or disconnecting wires?
a) switch
b) series
c) battery
d) bulb

An electric current will always follow
a) the path of least resistance
b) the longest path
c) the leader
d) the path that leads through insulators

An example of an insulator is
a) plastic
b) wire
c) aluminum
d) light bulb

In a SERIES circuit with three bulbs,
a) there are many paths for the current to take
b) there are no paths
c) there is one path
d) series circuits do not exist

In a parallel circuit with three bulbs, if one bulb goes out
a) the others will go out
b) the others will stay lit
c) the battery will burn out
d) none of the above

If you have two balloons and you rub one with a piece of wool, what happens when you hold them close together?
a) they get bigger
b) they will not move
c) they will pop
d) they will repel each other

What device is used to keep homes safe by opening overloaded circuits?
a) an insulator
b) a fuse or circuit breaker
c) a generator
d) a conductor

What is the name of the crackle you hear when you touch a doorknob after rubbing your feet across a carpet?
a) an electric discharge
b) a fuse
c) an electric circuit
d) an insulator

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